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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 5, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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extension of the product line, they will trade 15,000 new jobs. >> that's very good news to hear. >> america's news headquarters is next. good day to you. fox news alert. a reminder of how dangerous matters are in libia. an american teacher gunned down in benghazi as he was jogging today, not far from where four americans were killed last september. who did this is not certain at this time. but benghazi, a hot bed of islamic militants. and we are working the story. we'll have more of that inside of hq. and on the offensive again,
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president obama stepped up the push to resale obama care to his base. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. he's trying to make the case to the college base. the message eed is what? >> reporter: the message is stay with the president. he is fearing the political base is abandoning them. he gave the speech to income inquality and he went to a youth summit. they helped to elect him in 2008 and 2012. he is doing a speech in harvard university. the poll suggested that majority of 18- 29-year-olds who used to be obama fans. they are against the affordable
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care act and would like to so him bounced from office. the president pushed back, look it is the republicans who are trying to discourage you from getting health care, take a listen. >> i need your help. you know i need your help. believe it or not there are organizations that are out there working to convince young people not to get insurance. now think about that. that is a really bizarre way to spend your money. >> and they are cautiously optimistic in the white house that they are starting to turn the corner on and can get the president out there talking about the benefits of the affordable care act. but we see senate republican staffers tweeting out they were doing a tutorial on how senate staffers sign up for the dc exchange here in washington for the health care and there was a break down with the site.
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spoker boehner was able to get through and enroll and got bad news about how much it is going to cost. >> my health insurance premiums are going to double. my co-pays and tripled under obama care. you can tell i am thrilled to tell. >> you can hear the sarcam from john boehner. and broader point there, is that members of congress and congressional staffers giving up more genous plans in favor of the exchanges and senator harry reid exempted some, not all but the senate staffers from going into the exchange. that led to charges of hypocrisy is supposed to be a booster of the law. >> we are on that. not like mcconnell or boehner or pelosi. how will this be to selling
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young americans to buying into it? >> that is a big issue. mechanical issues to get the website working. but they have to get young healthy people to seen up. you force the older sicker people in. and you hear john boehner as a older gentlemen he has to pay more from the premiums, you need the younger healthier people to make it work. >> the math doesn't work without it either. >> new reports that some republican law makers are shifting obama care from repealing to repairing. it other republicans don't like that idea. ellison barber. great to it see you. tell us about the pivot that a handful of the republicans are making for repair as to repole. >> a couple of people in blue
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districts where they feel like they may be vulnerable throwing out the discussing repair. the vast republicans are not interested in repairing because there is so many things wrong with the law. it is not in their interest to switch to that. they are notting repole and replace to see down the rod than more people on the repair. >> they don't stand a change of repealing it. it is the law of the land and they don't have the numbers to repeal and how will they live with it? >> they will try to make changes. for example, the cancelled plans, wait a minute, this is a promise you made and you should stick to it. some of the things they want to change to make the law better can't be changed and that's why republicans are looking at this is aing they don't have an issue with one aspect of the law but the entire piece of legislation
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is fundmentally flawed and want to replace it with their own provisions. the leadership acknowledged they don't have an alternate plan. i interviewed representative tom price for the free beacon and he has his own plan he proposed since 20 where are nine. there is consensus that everyone in the republican party realizes that health care is important and there were problems to be fecesed. but they haven't found out how to fix it. but it is found strongly across the board that obama care is not the answer. >> and yet, there are national polls that suggest right now with the cbs one, suggest that a small plurality 48 percent say they want to keep the law with changes. it does need changes americans
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think. 48% versus 43% who say should be repealed. is it possible that the republicans are reading the polls and thinking what can we do around the margins. >> it is possible. that may be why they are holding the administrationy foot to the fire. they are seeing the constituents hurt and thinking they can fix. it but the reality in the board and what we so soon is the next issue of people losing the doctors, some of the problems can't be fixed. it is such a vast law, and what it is a train wreck where it copes going down the path no matter what you try it can't get fixed. it is not wise to jump and try to repair if you don't believe it can be fixed and the problems with the website that are continuuously happening and just beginning, it doesn't spell fix. that is the first part of the
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law. it is difficult to so how they will repair when more problems keep rolling out. alisyn barber thank you for joinings us. >> what do you think at home or at work. repole is not an option. >> how would you repair the affordable care at. >> send us a tweet to me at bill hemmer. and me at alisyn camerota. >> they get your attention and my attention. labor department reported that unemployment claims dropped below throw hundred thousand. one major economic sector in turmoil. fast food worker ares in a hundred cities walking off the job and want to double the national minimum wage to $15 a hour. that would kill jobs and host of countdown and closing bell.
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liz, good afternoon to you. >> good idea or not? >> depends on who you ask. >> of course, you have an interesting shift lately and i am talking about where states said we will do what our voters want and 21 different states raised the minimum wage. yesterday, washington d.c., hiked their minimum wage up to len dollars and i believe $0.10. the fact is. they are going to len time time 50. it is incremental and you have folkical people getting together. and you are looking at them and they are saying, we are not tone agers flipping burgers. is the better cure to improve the economy in general. you have to remember in the past 20 years or so. we hiked the minimum wage ten
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times federally. and since 1956 it was done five times. and we looked at businesses. i immediately looked at 15 year stock charts. i picked mcdonalds. and we look at stocks and how they perform. they inform people at minimum wages and both of their stocks hit all- time highs and that is since they were publicly traded since the 80s. and minimum wage hurts people. people say costs go up and the prices get more expensive. and the dollar menu goes away. and then the supporters. believe it or not costco was supportive of raising minimum wage but not to $15. >> it is a bug jump from $8 to faep. >> and especially for the small business. >> john boehner was talking about it this woke.
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he believes what? if you raise the unemployment minum wage. >> you get less jobs and fewer jobs, exactly. and that has been more of a conservative view point. but there are conservatives, and the state of new jersey run by chris christie and their state implemented a minimum wage hike. and a recent gall up poll, 71 percent of americans said they were fine with the raising of the minimum wage. surely some of them it are business leaders. but there is impact short- term when you raise the minimum wage. >> thank you, liz, great to so you. missing radioactive material in mexico has been found and secured we are happy to report. you will not believe how much of the dangerous material goes missing every year. the chair of the homeland
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security. >> big hits on obama care up and down on the issue after issue. how worried should democrats be. we'll debate. >> staggering report on how much the nsa is listening in on your cell phone calls every day. judge napolitano gets ticked off and wait until you hear what he has to say. >> i want to see if you can give me a yes or no question to the question. does the nsa collect any type of dita on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? ura's hk didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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fox nows a hert for you. one child is dead after a school bus crash in ida ho. four other children are hurt and the school bus collided with a dump truck in the intersection.
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police are investigating. >> police are recovering a truck with radioactive medical gear that gun men stole from a gas station two days ago. the suspects opened the container and that exposure might kill a human being in a matter of days. casy is back in dallas with that today. snieshgs hey, bill. the experts say it could kill a person relatively fast and authorities in mexico said that the general public is not in danger. the danger is to the two thieves that opened the container containing the radioactive material. unclear how they got it open. it was a remote area near mexico city where the truck was initially stolen and a a perimeter is set up and crews are working to contain the radioactive substance called cobalt 60. a process that could take days
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and weeks. the mexican government may need assistance from the united states or atomic agency in doing so. it was stored in a fortified shield. somehow they got it open. the health officials said the thieves were likely exposed to a fatal amount of radiation but as of now they are on the run. it raises a of question of how nuclear material is stored and transported around the world. this truck was not outfitted with gps like it should have been to track it once it was stolen from the gas station and an expert on nuclear security calling for change to protect extremely dangerous items. >> there is a problem around the world with radioactive material.
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it is not accounted for and not good methods to dispose of it properly. >> reporter: cobalt 60 is used to treat cancer and used in hospital- like settings. it was on the way from a hospital in mexico to a nuclear facility. >> thank you, casy in dallas. it locks like we averted a tragedy when the truck with radioactive material was found. what if the truck had fallen in the wrong hands. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> it was a nerve wracking two days where we didn't know where the truck was. how much radioactive material is floating on our highways or mexico's highways. >> i can't give you a precise amount but there are hundreds of hospitals that have this material. after 9/11 with the federal
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government we passed strict laws to safe guard materials and make sure the drivers are vetted from a cheminal history background perspective. and the mexican standards. and that is to talk about security measures and that this being one of them and my biggest concern from the homeland security perspective this material crossing the border in to the united states. and them being used to perpetrate a dirty bomb situation. >> let me tell you the scary statistic. a half dozen thefts ofro active materials are reported every year in mexico. mind you, the thieves don't seem to go after the material. they are trying to take the vehicle and in for a rude awakening if they open the shipping container. still if it were to fall in the wrong hands, what would be
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possible if it were to fall in the hand fz terrorist? >> it is an important point, the thieves and not to steal the radioactive materials, but it does expose a great vulnerability out there that they are not adequately safe guarding the materials and a small amount of this stuff in it the porous and open border could beoused with a stick of dynamite to set off a dirty bomb. from my perspective, i want to make sure not only that the mexicans are safe guarding it better than they are currently and it does not come in the united states. our procedures are sophisticated and i don't have as much confidence with respect to mexico and we need to work on that issue. >> if casy stegal reported this truck didn't have a gps in it.
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ngiven what they have to do and materials go miss nothing mexico more often than we are comfortable with. what is the answer. >> the iea has jurisdiction with this. and their response efforts were very good. in this case. you had a driver that fella sleep at the scombheel the thieves saw the radiology material and we need to look at what we have in the united states and make sure mexico has the standards and this material could not be used against americans to kill them. >> congressman mccall, thank you for bringing it to our attention and talking. >> new polling numbers showing that obama care dragging down the president on every topic
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> two passengers hurt in the deadly train derailment in new york city are taking steps to sue. and the trains going off the tracks. the engineer said he was dazed and the attorney filing a claim of negligence on the railroad and the retired army colonel and deptist is suffering spine and collarbone and rib fractures after being trapped in an over turned car in an hour. >> fox news alert. we know the identity of the american killed on the streets of benghazi. greg is back with more details.
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and it is a american tragedy and the victim 33-year-old ronnie smith. he was married with one young sun and teacher from texas. and they are reportedly one of the last americans in the dangerous staechlt the killing happen in 11:00 when smith was jogging and the gun men shot him through the chest and he was left lying face down in a pool of blood and declared in a nearby hospital. according to the international school where he was. he was a whelmistry teacher and been there a year and highly regarded. he was well liked and the tweets from the students after the killing showed there was a lot of love. he called them on line libya's best friend. another person was called that ambassador chris stevens.
10:27 am
he was killed in the consulate along with throw other americans. we don't know why smith was killed. no one claimed responsibility and there was a report of one now threat by al-qaeda against americans in libya that was recent. smith himself had gone on line and critical of militia's operating in the city. we know from personal experience on the grouped that that is a dangerous place. it involved clashes and killings and assassination just a day in benghazi and finally bill. to show you how tense things are. we are told by an administrator of the school there is another american teacher held in a secure location and told to go home tomorrow. the plans for smith to head home next week to it be with his family for christmas is not to be. >> thank you, greg for that
10:28 am
story out of the london. here at home president obama on the offensive with the health care law. but he is facing a real problem. >> the president's big focus is to create a better economy and jobs for the people. that's where the focus is. >> we have a debate on that agenda. plus an american city declaring war on the butterfly. >> war or protecting. >> free and fly. fly away. bye-bye. ♪ i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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♪ visit to learn your risk. here in new york. arizona's work place safety agency calling for the state to pay 560,000 in death benefits to the families of the firefighters that were killed. >> new york city mayor selecting bill bratton to replace ray kelly as police commissioner. he also served as chief of police in los angeles. >> and san francisco considering a ban on releasing butterflies on weddings and special events. advocates said the butter flies
10:33 am
are sick and damaged and causing damage to the larger butterfly population. >> the city is expected to hand down a ruling in the next couple of weeks. >> don't mess with mother nature. >> get along folks. >> the obama care and roll out may be grabbing the deadline. but the next now days could be released on the budget and government shutdown. carl came ron is live in washington. >> we heard from house speaker boehner. that they are working toward a deal but they didn't sound optimistic about it. paul ryan and patty murray gave themselves until friday 13th to draft a limit on the spending cap under what is called the sequesteral law.
10:34 am
they want to spend more than was planned and avoid mandatory crass the board cuts. and we are looking at another government shutdown. and the only other option is to stay in the spending cap. but that has 107 billion neither party really wants and that's the sequester part of all of. this they want to shrink the military cuts and democrats want to restore educational money and medical sesearch. how they would pay for it. and the republicans are not happy about the spending and bill written behind closed doors. >> paul ryan came in and gave us an update and i hope they work it out. there is cleel no agreement. >> no agreement and the senate is still out on the thanks
10:35 am
giving recess and will not be back until next week. and then the house goes on vacation for the week. it leaves only five work days in which the house and senate will be in the capitol building together. and the budget is not only the problem. there is a desput over the farm bill and if they don't fix it. dairy subsidies will expire. and they deal with a defense authorization bill and that is green light to pay the military next year and ongoing battle that democrats are trying to extend unemployment benefits. and yet the benefits are extended four years in a row and a lot of republicans that it are scaling that back. look for a lot of cans to get kicked down the road and look for a shutdown. >> they better not take a lunch break. >> five days of work between now
10:36 am
and christmas. >> carl, thank you so much for breaking it down. >> you know, if the senate republican leaders thinks he will repeal this some day, he might want to check with 60,000 people who are set to finally have coverage to free them from the free of financial ruin and lets them afford to take their kids to so a drchlt >> it is on. president obama slamming the critics of the obama care roll out. >> he's taking big hits on more than the signature legislation. >> rubbing unger is a democrat strategist and michelle unger is from tv. >> and i like your formality. great to see you guys, rebbing, let me start wu. and there is new polls that are just out and talk about how the president's approval ratings are
10:37 am
taking a hit on a whole host of issues. foreign policy; proval 38 percent. and immigration one of his other signature pieces and issues 35 percent approval. and federal budget that is carl cameron 32. and economy 38. and these are approval ratings. what is going on here? >> not surprising to be honest with you. once a president gets in the soup, all of the numbers have a way of coming down. combine that with the fact that people are not sure about the iran agreement and everything else, it is not a pretty picture. something happen today that may change the trajectory. >> which is what? >> i was those -- teasing you. >> the third quarter growth up to it 3.6 percent. i don't know if that were to hold but if it holds another
10:38 am
quarter that could turn the president's fortunes around. >> that is one. michelle what about this? >> this is the first time since 1974 that majority of americans see this country as not powerful, as powerful as a decade ago. they are less respected and think that their country is not important on the global stage and the reason why is the foreign policy. putting obama care aside which is awful, a lot has to do with foreign policy. we saw what happened in syria the president made a huge mistake. putin provided a lifeline and our deal with iran. we came to the country as a strong country and we walked away as a weak one. he promised a immigration and great economy and affordable health care, we don't have that. >> there are polls that show
10:39 am
majority of americans do favor the president's position on immigration, but they give him a low approval rating on the issue. is obama care is a blemish on every other issue that he is trying to do things on? >> it is probably at the root of the ratings problem. to say otherwise would not be truthful. but immigration is an interesting number. i hate to say this but it is true. americans by and large. you go out to the average every day american, immigration is not an issue on their mind today and because they are not happy with the president in the other categories this goes along with it. >> you wonder if it would get condition. >> michelle, rick named one thing. can you? >> i think that a lot of people care about getting immigration reform. they want some sort of reform to happen. the problem is, the americans
10:40 am
realize this president had two years to control the white house and political parties controlling congress and they didn't get it done. people so him as dishonest and he spent his time working on obama care and look at what we got. >> very quickly. is obama care the issue that american will be voting on for the midterm or will the others come back. >> absolutely impossible to worry that. if nothing chaefrjs, yes probably will be. i have a feeling a lot will change in a year and half from now. >> michelle, work on one thing. >> michelle worked on one thing. >> and if you can that is. thank you, rick and michelle. >> taking over here. >> we are going to talk to him about that. >> and a moment of truth for a star quarterback accused of rape. will jammeson wilson face
10:41 am
charges. >> it will be significant which ever way it goes. >> before you make a phone call with your cell phone listen to our next report. judge napolitano is just warming up. hungry for the best?
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>> time to check in with grech an carlsson. obama care happy hours? we went to the bars and asked. braking news, will the florida attorney general charge a heisman hopeful in the alleged rape of a fellow student? >> and pastor rick warren talking about faith and fitness and haunting eerie sounds from the new world trade building. so you then.
10:45 am
>> all right. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertantly collect but not wittingly. >> a new controversy with the nsa and your cell phone. washington post reports that documents obtained from edsnowden that they are collecting 5 billion cell phone records every day from around the world. >> judge, great to see you. were you stunned when you read the 5 billion with a b. >> i was stunned billions with a b. but not billions of cell photocopies. it is billions of time and so it
10:46 am
may be a couple of hundred million cell phone. when the nsa is looking for a particular individual rather finding a person or search warrant they captured all cell phones in the country where it is until they find the one they are looking for. they don't care about the privacy rights. even when it is off will tell the nsa where i am when ever it is with me and same with all cell phones on the planet and what edward snowden revealed to the washington post yesterday is what we suspected for a while. nsa uses the cell phones to follow them and take its from there. >> patterns can be revealing. >> absolutely. >> you have a big problem with this when it comes to this policy and the fourth amendment. >> the constitution has a big
10:47 am
problem with this. the whole purpose of the fourth amendment is to prevent the government no matter how noble the purpose and desirable its goal, it has to follow constitutional means and otherwise we are a totalitarian country. the purpose of the constitution is from listening and following everybody. >> nsa does all of that. >> it gets a general warrant. a general warrant says who ever has the warrant in their hands can listen to whomever they want. captain fourth amendment prohibits general warps. you have to listen and tell them why and the judge agrees will let you listen to that person and not everyone in europe. >> what about the argument that they are casting a huge net and unwittingly innocent americans are caught up in it.
10:48 am
>> i don't think the nsa is doing anything unwittingly and most respectfully, the clip of a general clapper director of national intelligence was a bald- faced lie under oath and should be prosecuted for perjury. it was a statement that is couple of months old. the nsa knows what it is doing and what is lawful and not lawful. >> what about the argument, you travel around your cell photocopy pings off of a cell phone tower. this genie is out of the bottle and no going back. >> the genie is put back in the bottle by service providers whose customers are sick and tired of this and using technology to frustrate the nsa
10:49 am
unlawful spying. that technology is in the earliest stages and soon each the nsa will not be able to crack. it >> in a word, judge, you believe edsnowden? >> i do. i think he is a hero for telling us about the massive violation of our constitutional rights. nfox news alert. and moments away from a news conference there in tallahassee. we expect to learn the legal fate of the quarterback for florida state. a star quarterback jammison winston and a heisman trophy hopeful and claims it was consensual sex. >> and you tried to discipline your dog when they are you try your dog when they are bad.
10:50 am
how do you know if they realize they have done something wrong. researchers say they have now discovered about your pooch. ♪ bow wow wow
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10:53 am
check this out. love this story here. a stir among dog owners when a study found that man's best friend doesn't feel guilty when they do something wrong. douglas kennedy is live in the news room.
10:54 am
we know a dog can look guilty but do they actually feel guilty? >> a few months ago mom maria peters opened her front door and was greeted by her 7-year-old terrier zeus who had chewed up her $300 coach bag. >> what did you do? >> you knew he had done something wrong. >> right away. >> some owners call it the guilty look. a fafshl expression that seems to indicate a knowledge of bad behavior. >> he has a look of guilt when he does thing that is we know that we will find in the house. >> in fact, many dog owners have documented the look in pictures on the web and on youtube. those assume their pups feel
10:55 am
guilty so they look guilty. >> they are not making the same association. >> the guilty look does not signify a knowledge of a misdeed. >> julie calls herself a canine scientist. she recently conducted a study of dog feelings including whether dogs feel guilty when they do something wrong. >> dogs were told not to eat a treat and then the owners left the room. when they left the room the dogs ate or didn't. >> the dogs were scolded or not scolded. the lab found that the scold ee dog's looked guilty. >> they are saying that he doesn't feel human guilt. that dog owners have trained
10:56 am
their dogs to act dilguilty. >> i knows when he does wrong. he punishes himself by putting him thef self in this create. >> i love that story. well done. >> they look guilty right? >> but they are faking it. >> they are kraare craftier tha thought. >> thank you. >> earlier we asked you about obama care and if repeal is not an option how you would repair the affordable care act. we have read everyone of your tweets and the best ones are right after the break. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs.
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you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare here is our question of the day, if obama care cannot be repealed how would you want to repair it? take out the fine. you are hurting those you are trying to help. edward says make it optional.
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>> put it in a package with ribbons and bows and senld itd washington. happy holidays and enjoy. >> that is more than 140e cra characters. facebook. oh. we got to run. here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> fox news alert. florida state attorney announcing he will not file charges against star quarterback for the number one team in college football right now. florida state. >> we have looked at the evidence and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case. steve, this just happened what do you know? >> gretchen, right now speculation going on about why this case took so song. these
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